Two Open Spots Left! Don't Miss Out!

Get Ready!

I wanted to extend an invitation to whoever would like to join us on Wednesday January 18th. I have two session spots still open. I also wanted to let you all know that I will book these spots without you having to go through pay-pal,

(I understand how big of a pain in the tookus it can be!).

What am I getting during this session you may ask?

Firstly, you will be given a hair and makeup session with our beautician. The both of you will go over your hair and cosmetics, allowing you to feel as beautiful as you look. From there, we go over wardrobe and posing concepts that you may choose from. Then of course the session is on a role. Shooting all of the poses and outfits you bring with you and would like. I will place these images in an on line password protected gallery for you to choose your images from. The prints and your image disc will be created, then I will deliver these items to you directly or you may pick them up before Valentine's day.


Where are we shooting?

We have rented a luxurious honeymoon suite that will allow us to use to create your Uber-stunning images. Our sessions are always fun and relaxed allowing you to feel comfy and have a blast creating these images for your special someone, who will of course cherish these images of you for a lifetime.


You are welcome to bring beverages of your choice as I understand how nerve racking these can be for some. You are also welcome to bring a friend to hangout with you at all times during the shoot.


Security and privacy is paramount with these shoots and I want you to feel safe and secure at all times.


Contact me as soon as possible to secure your spot. Remember there is one two open for the 18th. We may offer another session before Valentines Day.

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